Today's leaders are asked to maximize the performance of their organizations, to direct innovations and to meet the expectations of stakeholders. If you have a highly effective top management and powerful leaders who promote development, you can move your company to future. We are confident that you already know this fact.

We are certain that you would not want to educate the recruiting company and hiring manager about the facts of your business. As BExecutive, we easily understand you with our twenty years of local and global human resources expertise.

We perceive the visible values and underlying values in corporations, analyse how they work, and present candidates that best suit you, taking into account the corporate behaviour patterns and desired competencies.

We protect the private information of the candidates and companies with precision, give effective feedback while acting on principle of accountability.

In addition to our competency-based interview techniques, we strengthen your recruitment decision with the personality inventories, Assessment Centre Applications and our versatile reference control system.

BExecutive's mission doesn’t to end with recruitment process. We continue to keep contact with both the companies and the managers who have settled in the job. At the end of the first two months, we carry out an evaluation of situation with the managers who are assigned to the job and if necessary, we serve by acting as "facilitator" between the company and the manager. 

BExecutive Executive Search & Consultancy is an authorized Private Employment Agency under the supervision of İŞKUR (dated 21.05.2018 Licensee No: 973)

In accordance with the Turkey Business Council Law (No. 4904) no charge is demanded from the job seekers.
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Adres: Sağlık Sok. No: 1 Sıhhiye Çankaya Ankara
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