Assessment Centre Applications are used to make the most accurate selection in recruitment, internal backup, appointment and promotion processes. These are the applications where the competencies required by the position which you are looking to fill are measured on the basis of behavioural indicators with multiple assessors and measuring instruments.

The first step of the Assessment Centre Application is to work with your Hiring Manager to understand your company's goals, strategies, job description, and position expectations. Once the required competencies of the position have been determined, appropriate assessment tools are identified by expert consultants in accordance with each competency. Competency based interview, personality inventory, role play, case study and document work are some of the tools that are used in the process for placement of managers.

In competency based interviews, specific questions are asked about the required competencies for the position. Suitability degree of the candidate to the required competencies is assessed by the employer with the concrete examples and explanations given by the candidates.

Competency based interviews are carried out by experienced consultants who have received “Competency Based Interview Skills Training”.

The Personality Inventories enable the candidate's competencies to be related to each other in a multi-dimensional way. These inventories are interpreted by consultants who have received the relevant “Personality Inventory Assessor Training”.

Whereas the role play, case study and document work simulations should be designed by consultants who have "Assessment Centre and Case Designing Techniques” certification. Implementation of these tools are carried out by consultants who have “Certificate of Assessment Skills”.

The implementation of each tool is done with participation of at least two specialists and the evaluated candidate at the same time. 

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