We are certain that providing professional perfection and delivering this perfection at the shortest period is very important for your business. BExecutive, which understands written out and tacit values of your company, is your business partner in your search for executive and mid-level managers. It delivers this partnership by making scientific analysis based on data and pinpointing to the correct data.

We work together with corporations and institutions to shape their future by incorporating their strategies and objectives into our HR strategy. We provide optimum customer satisfaction with our business model which we have shaped with our business ethics, with our advanced assessment tools, our strong network in human resources area, high potential candidate database and business partnership.

We support your search processes for executive and mid-level managers with our Assessment Centre Applications. You will have the privilege to place the most suitable candidate with the least margin of error possible in recruitment process by using Assessment Centre Applications.

We provide professional coaching services to assist professionals in setting out to their own path with self-awareness, taking tenacious steps on these paths and in reaching their goals. Our coaching is an ICF - ACTP certified approach; without telling you what to do, nor doing it for you; but by working with you one to one to ensure you reach the person you want to be.

We add rare values to professionals by blending our Career Mentoring Programme with our Human Resources Management experience. We make an inventory of your strengths and areas to improve, identify opportunities to develop and complete preparations for an effective job search and interview.

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BExecutive Executive Search & Consultancy is an authorized Private Employment Agency under the supervision of İŞKUR (dated 21.05.2018 Licensee No: 973)

In accordance with the Turkey Business Council Law (No. 4904) no charge is demanded from the job seekers.
Türkiye İş Kurumu Ankara İl Müdürlüğü / Hizmet Merkezi
Adres: Sağlık Sok. No: 1 Sıhhiye Çankaya Ankara
Telefon: 03124323525